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Tokenomics Schema

DeFi Garage Tokenomics

Notable tokenomic features

  • Early bird advantage

Every funder who enters after you will increase the backing of your tokens. Minting of DEFIGARAGE will operate on a first-come first-serve basis - so remember to pay attention and listen for announcements about the launch date.

  • 90% backed, no lock-in period

If you have ever regretted speculating on a startup after being disappointed with the project’s progress, this one's for you.

Our fundraising model protects contributors by allowing them to retrieve their funding whenever they like.

You can withdraw your funding at any time to receive a minimum of 90% of your funds back. This backing will increase as new backers join and the eco-system generates revenue through its roll-out of dApps.

  • Ever-increasing redeemable token backing

Sick of project tokens that only ever seem to dump? The value-accrual of DEFIGARAGE tokens will consistently and perpetually increase in ETH terms.

The backing amount (the value you can redeem for) will also increase as DeFi Garage dApps purchase DEFIGARAGE tokens at 10 times the price.

  • Uncapped token value

The more dApps added to the ecosystem, the more contributions will be made towards the backing of DEFIGARAGE tokens, there’s no limit.

  • Risks averted by design

No Team or VC Allocations: Typically in other projects, large portions of tokens are held by centralised entities such as project founders and VCs. This presents a risk to price manipulation, wash trading and pump and dump price action.

No Token Emissions: Unlike many projects we have no token emissions that are often used to provide LP incentives. This usually creates downward pressure on token valuations as LP’ers sell their rewards, negatively impacting investor returns.

Sustainable incentive structure for the team: In most cases, teams had instant access to 100% of the raised funds, reducing their motivation to deliver a product and introducing the vulnerability to misuse or loss of funds.

Liquidity Availability: Lack of liquidity or susceptibility to rug pulls makes it difficult for investors to sell tokens. DEFIGARAGE is backed by instantly redeemable liquidity enabling holders to sell directly for BoxETH via the contract which can then be exchanged on the open market.