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Perpetual Token Offering

The process of raising funds on-chain has undergone multiple iterations throughout the relatively short lifespan of smart contract coordinated fundraisers. However, many of these iterations have exposed angel investors to significant risks, often resulting in no value return upon entering these types of raises.

One of the biggest challenges facing the crypto industry is the history of token holders becoming rekt through lack of project progress, unmet objectives, hacks and rugpulls.

These outcomes have plagued the industry’s reputation, limiting its adoption around the globe.

DeFi Garage addresses these concerns and aims to provide a fundraising template that can be adopted industry-wide. This innovation will serve as a proof-of-concept that can be measured and analysed by future projects and funders alike.

DeFi Garage itself is built upon the same unique innovation in fundraising, premiering through the DEFIGARAGE token launch. The core feature is promoting funder protection through non-locked and redeemable token value that only grows over time.

This means that no matter how the project develops, token holders are insured to exit at will by the ever increasing redeemable backing available.

Notably if the project doesn’t move inline with funder expectations, they will remain sovereign over their funds and will be able to walk away from the project with the currently available backing.

Backing begins at 90% of each funder's contribution and continues to appreciate both from funders who enter later as well as ecosystem dApp and game releases that also contribute.